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Mountain Home, AR
Offices: 870.508.6280
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Where do I park?

As with most event venues, parking can be limited and a short walk is sometimes necessary. The ASUMH campus has approximately 700 parking spaces around the King Drive loop. There is no charge to park on the ASUMH campus. Parking lots are indicated on the campus map. 

For larger events, there is often a shuttle that runs the loop and drops people at The Sheid, or valet parking is sometimes available. These services are offered at the discretion of the organizers of the event and are their responsibility to arrange. 

The Sheid itself has 80 spaces that are ADA complient and that offer convenience for attendees. Performing Arts Patrons have the opportunity to have VIP reserved parking for Performing Arts Series shows near The Sheid at the $2,500 Director Level.  

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Can I pick my own seats for concerts?

If tickets are reserved seating, yes, you can pick your own seats. If you order tickets online, sometimes it only allows you to select the best available seats and does not allow you to see the theatre and pick your own seats. This can be solved by calling us at 870-508-6280 or by stopping by and purchasing your tickets in person at The Sheid. We are always happy to help you select the seats you prefer for shows, as long as they are available. 

When should I arrive for my event?

As a general rule, doors to the Ed Coulter Performing Arts Center will open one hour prior to a performance. As preparations are being made for events in The Sheid, doors are sometimes locked for the safety of our artists. Often sound checks and final lighting adjustments are being made right before a performance. Please respect the need for doors to remain closed until the company indicates they are ready to go. 

In addition, the box office opens one hour prior to each performance. Please do not wait until the day of a show to pick up tickets or to purchase tickets. Lines are often very long and could cause us to delay the beginning of a show, or for patrons to miss the start of a show altogether. Tickets are sold online and are available to print at home via this website. In addition, the Box Office is open every weekday from 8:00 - 5:00 in The Sheid.

If you are renting The Sheid, please check with the Technical Director to arrange when you will arrive to decorate or make other preparations for your event. 

What are ticket fees and why do I pay them?

The Sheid uses iTickets, a national online ticketing service, for all shows. The fees, or service charges, cover the cost that the credit card company charges to process your credit card order. The standard service fee for tickets ordered from iTickets online, by phone or in person at The Sheid is typically 15% and is based on the price of the ticket. On occasion, there may also be an extra charge that the promoter or venue requires. When you place an order, it will show you the total service charges before you accept the order and proceed to check-out where payment information is entered. 

Why do I need a valid phone number and email address when I order tickets?

We need a way to contact you for various reasons. If a concert is cancelled, if there is a problem with your credit card, or if concert details change, we would need to reach you to relay those messages. In addition, an email is taken so that a confirmation can be sent for your records. 

How can I locate my seat in the Ed Coulter Performing Arts Center?

Generally, The Sheid will have staff available to help you find your seats. However, basic seating charts are shown below. Sections D and E are risers and are not on sale for all shows and events. 

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What are the hours to view the art exhibits in The Sheid?

The Sheid is open weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., according to the ASUMH academic calendar. We close according to the campus schedule. The official ASUMH academic calendar is posted on the ASUMH website at www.asumh.edu

Can I rent The Sheid?

Yes, the rooms in The Sheid are available for rent. The Sheid is a spectacular event location in north central Arkansas. The venue is elegant and cultured, but offeres a flexible, state-of-the-art performance and meeting space. The Sheid is also a popular spot for weddings and receptions. Rental rates for all rooms are available at the tab titled "Rent the Sheid."  We assure you that we will do everything we can to make your event special and that we will meet or exceed your expectations. 

The Ed Coulter Perfroming Arts Center and Dykstra Stage have received raves from performing groups as varied as Willie Nelson, Skillet and the Moscow Ballet. With 824 fixed seats, the performance venue offers an intimate concert setting, but adding an additional 800 seats by incorporating mechanical seating that stores neatly into the convention space, makes the Ed Coulter Performing Arts Center the perfect size for performers and audiences alike. Dressing rooms, a green room, backstage showers, and a convenient loading dock make it a popular spot for recitals, concerts, and even weddings. 

The McClure Convention Center is another much-used space for rentals. Inside the McClure Convention Center, a versatile space allows for 30 convention booths or seated dinners for up to 500. Dividing walls make the space flexible for any size meeting, celebration, or dining event. A dance floor, portable staging and AV make it the perfect spot for any type of gathering. 

The First Security Amphitheatre, located on the east side of the building, is an outdoor stage with a seating capacity of 150. It hosts many weddings and local events each year, as well as provides an intimate setting with a magnificent view. This location is perfect for small acoustical performances, live theatre, or private events.

A popular room for rentals is the Trout Center. It features a beautiful collection of paintings by local artist Duane Hada of the White River from the headwaters to the Mississippi River. Whether a dinner for 100 at round tables, or a reception with a dance floor, the Trout Center is a beautiful option. 

What steps do I take to rent The Sheid?

The first thing to do is meet with the Technical Director to tour the building, check availability, and discuss your plans for your event. You may make an appointment by calling 870-508-6306.  

The procedure for renting The Sheid are as follows:

1. The requestor should complete a Facilities Request form.

2. Upon clicking submit, the form will be submitted to The Sheid's Technical Director for review.

3. The director will determine the availability of the facility and obtain approval of the event from ASUMH. If all parties concerned approve the request, the director will schedule the facility, check on the availability of equipment needed for set up, and determine any other special needs and then route the form to the appropriate parties.

4. When a rental fee is charged, a 50% deposit is required upon booking of the facility. The outstanding balance is due no later than 48 hours prior to the event. Failure to cancel or amend reservations 48 hours prior to the event or activity may result in forfeiture of the rental fee, the additional charge of a cancellation fee, or denial of future use.

5. The director should be notified immediately if an event is rescheduled or cancelled.

7. Any appeals arising from denial of a request shall be directed to the Chancellor’s Cabinet. The Cabinet will make the final decision.

8. The following information is needed when requesting space:

• Contact person information including: name; phone number; address; email address; department, student organization, or off-campus affiliation

• Date(s) and time(s) of the event

• Space desired

• Type of event

• Expected attendance

• Set-up needs (tables, chairs, time, sound, video equipment, etc.)

• Parking/shuttle needs

• Additional equipment/technician needs

• Security needs

• Food service or catering desired

• Type of outside equipment or decorations to be used