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The Sheid is fortunate to have a number of venues for a variety of uses and for rent. There were many significant leaders and donors who helped make the building a reality for our community. For their contributions, we want to honor them appropriately. Please use the logo that corresponds with the venue you are using for your event when promoting it to the public. All written and oral representations about the use of The Sheid will be clear that ASUMH is not endorsing the program, any ideas espoused, or any candidates, unless endorsement is approved by appropriate senior officials of ASUMH.

All promotional materials referencing The Sheid or one of its venues must be approved by the Sheid's Technical Director or the Director of Communications and Institutional Advancement before release to the public. Use of The Sheid's logo or one of the venue logos below does not imply endorsement of activities or presentations by The Sheid or of ASUMH. ASUMH does NOT ENDORSE every idea, image, speaker, event and program on the campus. In the interest of community service, fairness, and the search for truth, ASUMH may allow third-party sponsored or departmental-sponsored programs and activities with which it may not agree philosophically, politically, or religiously, but which must be consistent with the principles of civil discourse in the University's Statement of Academic Freedom and Responsibility.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Christy Keirn in the Department of Communications and Institutional Advancement at ASUMH by email: ckeirn@asumh.edu or phone 870-508-6109. 

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