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Arvest Concert Series

Todd Mosby and the New Horizons Tour

October 19 (Thursday at 7 p.m.)


New Horizons Ensemble is a 6 member Acoustic Instrumental /Folk / Jazz, touring version of the ZMR chart topping "On EagleMountain" release.

Mosby creates a live version of his concept album "OnEagle Mountain" about the mountain, its music and the land. Mosby weaves personal story, visual media and lighting to engage audiences emotionally, visually and sonically.

A line up of grammy nominated/winning performers is featured within this award winning ensemble delivering a world/jazz/folk/new age performance and has transformed lives.

Featured Artists:

    Michael Manring(grammy nomineted bass player)

    Jeff Haynes(Grammy winning percussion),

    Premik Tubbs(Santana, Mclaughlin, Sting woodwind player),

    Bryan & Lola(piano, vocals, guitar)

Partial Set Description:

"Moon Song" describes the light of a full moon as it casts a soft luminance over a snow capped Eagle Mountain and surrounding fields signaling the first days of Winter.

“Spirit Dancer” is a dance of the elemental realm featuring a specially designed 20 stringed hybrid sitar/guitar composition for a newly designed instrument.

“Falling Light” is an audience participation piece describing how the sunlight cuts through cumulus clouds on a warm Summer day as it warms the land below.

Our goal is to give a presentation which invites audiences into a natural mountainous world of fantasy, emotion, beauty and inspiration.

With an award winning ensemble, Mosby delivers a set which takes listeners on a journey filled with memorable feel good, fun, personal and introspective moments.

When the music flows, your inner mountain glows. Performing a mix of acoustic instrumental new age, jazz, world & folk, these compositions are brought to life with an exciting virtuoso flair. New HorizonsEnsemble is as much fun to watch as it is to listen.

Singing Men of Arkansas

April 22 (Sunday at 2 p.m.)

Singing Men of Arkansas is an amazing choral group. Its auditioned members are all volunteers who enjoy singing together and having fun doing it. They enjoy a broad variety of repertoire, and inspire and entertain audiences with their dynamic choral performances. The idea for Singing Men of Arkansas (SMA) began on October 9, 2007, at a local restaurant with a conversation between two men experienced in vocal participation, presentation and leadership. On October 31, 2007, the idea had expanded to a governing council of seven men and an outstanding choral leader and director with national and international experience, Mike Bedford. By the end of that day the name Singing Men of Arkansas was selected. Today, the group totals 48 members.

All Arvest Concerts are Free - No Tickets are Required

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