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Gaston Lecture Series

Fall, November 1, Thursday at 6 p.m.

Randall Reeder - Will Rodgers Today

    Randall Reeder brings to life the warmth and humor of Will Rogers as he speaks to business and agriculture audiences, and a variety of other groups. He is more than a “Will Rogers impersonator” or a “Will Rogers impressionist” or “Will Rogers speaker”. You’ll feel like you are in the presence of Will Rogers. If you know Will, this Will Rogers look-alike will make you do a double-take as soon as you lay eyes on him.

    As a professional speaker Randall draws on Will Rogers' published writings and other sources, plus remembrances by Will's family and acquaintances to customize his presentation based on the interests of the audience. Then he adds observations about life, politics and the world today, presented with the Will Rogers style and grace. The result is an enlightening, inspirational and thoroughly entertaining presentation your group is sure to enjoy.

    If requested, Randall includes some photos (PowerPoint slides) of Will, his family and friends to enhance your pleasure of being with 'Will Rogers'. Randall smoothly blends this 'high technology' into his 'down home' commentary. As you visit with 'Will' before and after a presentation you will feel the warmth and understanding that made Will Rogers the most beloved American of the 1920's and 1930's.

One audience member wrote, "The country needed a Will Rogers back then when things were tough. And we still need one today."

"I sure liked your speech and your writings. Great stuff." Jim Rogers (Will's son) (Note: Jim passed away April 28, 2000)

ADMISSION FREE - No Ticket Required

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