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Thank you for choosing The Shied for your upcoming event on ASUMH Campus.  ASUMH and The Sheid are excited to announce a brand-new food catering service - Haile Yeah, LLC – which is now the sole provider of all catering on the ASUMH campus effective October 1, 2021.

John Haile and Greg Todd, owners/operators, bring 20+ years experience serving high-quality, delicious food options to our community, faculty, staff, and students.  They are excited to visit with you to plan a menu that will meet your event needs!  

For food arrangements, please contact Mr. John Haile or Mr. Gregg Todd to discuss your ideas and thoughts regarding the event – as early as possible!  A fillable form is attached to assist with the planning of your event – including contact information.  After visiting with the caterer, please complete and submit the form via email to secure your date/time on the catering calendar.

Catering Request Form

Confirmation Of Event Form

ASUMH Healthy Campus Plan

Contact Name: John Haile & Greg Todd
Contact Phone Number: 870-736-4005 / 870-404-2894  (if no answer, please leave a message)